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It’s not the food in the office kitchen; it’s what you do with the food in the office kitchen.

When your stomach starts to grumble at work, you know it’s time for a quick snack break. But what are you in the mood for? Hmmm …

As you make your way down the hall, you start to wonder: Could there be more to your workday snack than the contents of the vending machine? What if I were to tell you that there are endless possible combinations you can make using even the simplest ingredients at your office?

Okay, maybe not endless. But there are certainly more than meet the eye. Here are a few simple recipes to help you hack your way to a great snack without leaving the office. (Have ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.)

10 Recipes You Can Make in Your Office Kitchen

1) The Fruit & Cheese Plate

It’s easy enough to grab a piece of fruit and run. But what if you turned your fruit fix into a restaurant-worthy hors d’oeuvre?

Ingredients: cheese, fruit, nuts or granola.


Recipe Credit: Maggie Hibma

2) The School Lunch

For the kids at heart, this combo will bring you back to the good ol’ days. Feel free to cut the crusts off while you’re at it.

Ingredients: bread, peanut butter & jelly, string cheese, candy.


Recipe Credit: Maggie Hibma

3) The Perfect Oatmeal

Dress up your oatmeal with a healthy dose of sliced fruit. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, add honey or peanut butter to the mix.

Ingredients: instant oatmeal, fruit, milk (or water).


Recipe Credit: Pascal van Opzeeland

4) The Wildberry Bubble Tea Spritzer

Dust off those cocktail-making skills with this (alcohol-free) bubble tea spritzer. The key ingredient here? A fruit snack garnish.

Ingredients: brewed hot tea, ginger ale, mixed berry fruit snacks, ice cubes.


Recipe Credit: Core77

5) Spicy Chips

There are chips, and then there are chips doused in hot sauce. (And let’s be honest, what isn’t made better when doused in hot sauce?) Be sure to have a napkin or five close at hand.

Ingredients: chips, hot sauce.


Recipe Credit: Corey Eridon

6) The Poor Man’s Crêpe

One bite of warm bread slathered in Nutella and topped with berries, and you’ll practically feel like you’re strolling down the Champs-Élysées. Don’t like Nutella? Go home. No, I’m kidding — you can replace it with peanut butter or another nut butter.

Ingredients: bread, Nutella, sliced fruit.


Recipe Credit: Elijah Clark Ginsberg & Niti Shah

Bonus: Marketing Manager and Fruit Ninja Alec Biedrzycki knows a thing or two about slicing bananas. Take note of his technique in the Vine below.

7) The Mediterranean

Feeling exotic? Whip up a couple of these savory Lebanese treats and you’ll find yourself with a nice lunch. (And if you don’t have taboule, a few ripped lettuce leaves from your coworker’s salad should do.)

Ingredients: rice cake (or bagel), hummus, taboule.


Recipe Credit: Corey EridonBrittany Leaning & Niti Shah

8) The Amirault

The poor man’s crêpe not creative enough for you? Add some crunch to your sandwich. I’d eat this while hunched over a plate if I were you.

Ingredients: bread, peanut butter, crunchy cereal, sliced bananas.


9) Bagel Pizza

Some people will do anything for pizza. If you’re a little lazier, a makeshift bagel pizza will do just fine. (But truthfully, you’re going to miss that tomato sauce.)

Ingredients: bagel, Ketchup, string cheese.


Recipe Credit: Daniel Shekhtman

10) Fruit & Granola Parfait

Don’t be lazy; add some fruit and granola to that sad, plain-looking yogurt! Drizzle with honey if you’re feeling WILD.

Ingredients: yogurt, fruit, granola.


Recipe Credit: Angela O’Dowd

What are your favorite office kitchen recipes?

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