Why Polyvore’s Jess Lee Sold To Yahoo

July 20th, 2011--Aspen,CO, USA

Jess Lee speaks at the Future of E-Commerce breakfast roundtable at Fortune Brainstorm TECH at the Aspen Institute Campus.

Photograph by Kevin Moloney/Fortune Brainstorm TECH Yahoo bought Polyvore in what we’ve heard could be a $60 million deal today. Both Polyvore and Yahoo were mum on those details, but Polyvore co-founder Jess Lee did tell TechCrunch her company will continue to do the same thing as it’s been doing before – now on a larger scale and with more resources from the tech giant run by Marissa Meyer. “We also think there’s… Read More

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FarmLogs CEO Jesse Vollmar Will Talk About The AgTech Revolution At Disrupt SF 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.51.19 PM The World Bank says that farmers need to produce 50% more food to feed the 9 billion people who will inhabit the earth by 2050. While farmers are facing higher demand, they have fewer resources to work with thanks to a growing water crisis and the availability of arable land. Join us at SF Disrupt 2015 as FarmLogs CEO Jesse Vollmar walks us through tech’s possible solutions. Read More

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Here’s The Latest Batch Of 500 Startups Companies

dave-mcclure10 500 Startups has unveiled its fourteenth batch of companies going through its accelerator. While Y Combinator is starting to roll out its own class in an upcoming Demo Day, a new one from 500 Startups is emerging — and increasingly, so is the race to be the earliest to invest in companies. Of course, that means that accelerators like 500 Startups — which has a portfolio of more… Read More

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CrunchWeek: Twitter Soap Opera, Uber Valuation, and Ouya Gets Bought

crunchweek-4-3 It’s time for CrunchWeek again!
What a week it was.
The Twitter soap opera continues with earnings, no new CEO, hashtags and more. Uber keeps raising money until we lose count. Ouya gets put out of its misery bought.
As Alex would say: It’s Friday, it’s CrunchWeek, it’s time to throw down and talk some smack. Read More

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Doing Good Tech Versus Doing Good With Tech

hanging lightbulbs ideas The FDA is currently considering clinical trials for a drug that would delay aging. The idea of extending human longevity is a controversial one, with some arguing for immortality and others arguing that a lifespan into the mid-70s is perfectly adequate. So is the drug good or bad? As an investor in science and technology, this is a non-trivial question for me. Read More

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Yahoo Will Acquire Fashion Startup Polyvore

polyvore-yahoo Yahoo just announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire style-focused community Polyvore. In a blog post about the deal, Simon Khalaf, Yahoo’s senior vice president of product and engineering for publisher products, said the deal “will accelerate Yahoo’s digital content growth strategy across the areas of social, mobile, and native.” Khalaf also says the… Read More

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Is This Flying Car Company For Real?

terrafugia_tf-x_rendering_41 We’ve been promised a flying car for as long as I can remember. From The Jetsons to Back To The Future, we’ve been sold this dream for years and years. Owning something that starts out on the ground and ends up flying through the air is something I want to experience before I kick the bucket. Read More

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Boston’s WTF/LOL Problem

gazebo_2_spiral Well, that was embarrassing. Following months of piss-poor communication and a chaotic planning process, Boston’s bid to be the U.S. entry for the 2024 Olympics finally died this week like Britain’s rule over the colonies. The city that once brought the Industrial Revolution to the people now finds itself unable to build a venue for beach volleyball, or you know, housing or… Read More

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How To Speak Startup, Part Deux

doublespeak Given the massive influx of capital that we are currently enduring in Silicon Valley, TechCrunch has decided to take another crack at the lexicon of the moment to help everyone understand just what people mean when they say things that make you want to snag them by the hair and give them a noogie. Following our previous entry, this list is an expansion — we are here to help, after all.… Read More

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This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Tesla, Windows 10, Top Gear, And OUYA

gadgets150730 August is nearly upon us, which means news is slowing.
But that hasn’t stopped car companies from racing away with the news, including Tesla’s introduction of Ludicrous Mode (which we haven’t stopped talking about), and the old Top Gear crew signing with Amazon for a new show. Meanwhile, Microsoft launched Windows 10, and Razer bought OUYA out in an all-cash deal.
This… Read More

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