Password Statistics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [Infographic]

When was the last time you changed your email password? Your Facebook password? How about your bank account password?

If it’s been a while, you may want to take a few minutes and change ’em up. According to a survey of 2,000 people in the U.S. and the U.K., almost three-quarters of consumers use the same exact password for multiple accounts. What’s more, a large number of people haven’t changed that duplicate password in over five years.

So it should come to no surprise that about 40% of people have had an online account hacked, a password stolen, or were notified their personal information had been compromised. But, although 8 in 10 people say they’re concerned about the security of their online accounts, they’re still using weak, old, or repeated passwords that can be easily stolen or hacked.

How can you make sure your online accounts are safe? Check out the infographic below from TeleSign to learn more compelling statistics about password safety, common password mistakes to avoid, and how to protect your online accounts with more than just a password.

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10 Things Happy People Do Before Going To Bed

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The things that you do to prepare for bedtime can not only affect your quality of sleep, but your quality of life as well. Self-improvement website recently shared an article that lists down 10 before-bed rituals of happy people.

They meditate: Meditating before going to bed, you clear your mind of all the troubles of the day and get ready to rest before a new happy day.

To make the pre-bed period pleasant and relaxing, people who are generally happy often have a few go-to activities that would help them wind down for the day and prepare for the next one.

For instance, activities such as meditating and reading have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on one’s psychological well-being, which can lead to better physical health.

They feel gratitude: Gratitude is a positive emotion that motivates you. Falling asleep with good thoughts, you will wake up the same.

Other than trying to unwind, taking some time to analyze the day that has just passed and plan for the following one is also a good use of time before falling asleep.

Read the entire article here to learn more about the before-bed rituals of happy people.


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Watch: IKEA Cooks Up A Delicious Kitchen With Mini Versions Of Its Products

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To promote its new METOD modular kitchen system, IKEA—in collaboration with BBH Asia Pacific—has launched a brilliant new film titled ‘Recipes for Delicious Kitchens’.

In this creative video, the furniture retailer literally cooks up a kitchen with miniaturized versions of its products—this is to show that the METOD range of kitchens can be tailored to customers’ personal preferences.

According to Tze Kuen Yeong, Head of Marketing, IKEA (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand), this innovative kitchen system “allows people to create thousands of different kitchen combinations and utilize every centimetre of their kitchen space. And it has combinations to fit all sorts of styles and budgets too, with a quality guarantee of 25 years”.

Watch the fun promotional film below—you can find all the “ingredients” used in the 2016 IKEA catalog.

[via IKEA’s YouTube Channel]

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LOL: The Text Messages Toddlers Would Send If They Could

If you are a parent, or interacts with young children often, you would know that toddlers can be both very entertaining and a lot of work.

Tumblr website ‘If Toddlers Texted’ features humorous imaginary text messages that toddlers would probably send if they are able to write and use a phone.

From terrorizing the cat to making a mess and refusing dinner, these hilarious texts illustrate the possible thoughts and motives behind common toddler behavior.

Head over here to view more text messages “sent” by toddlers.


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UPDATE 16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re reading this, you probably have an email address (or two, or three …). In fact, you’ve probably been sending and receiving emails for years, and you’ve definitely received some questionable deliveries in your inbox. 

Whether they were unexpected, uninformative, or had a subject line tHaT wAs fOrmAtTeD liKe tHiS, we bet you didn’t hesitate to direct them towards the trash, right?

While email has managed to stand the test of time, many marketers have failed to update their strategies since its inception.

So to ensure you’re sending modern emails that warrant some of your recipient’s precious time and attention, we’ve compiled a list of effective email examples to inspire your next campaign. 

And for help creating effective email marketing campaigns of your own, download our free guide here.

16 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples

1) PayPal

There are a couple things we love about this email example from PayPal. Not only is the opening copy clever and concise, but the entire concept also reflects a relatable benefit of using the service. Think about it: How many times have you been in a situation where you went out to dinner with friends and then fussed over the bill when it came time to pay? By tapping into this common pain point, PayPal is able to pique the interest of its audience. 

2) ModCloth 

Great companies are always evolving, and your customers expect to experience change. What they don’t expect (because too many companies haven’t lived up to this end of the bargain) is to be told about those changes. That said, this email from ModCloth serves as a refreshing change of pace. If you’re going to change the way you communicate with a lead or customer, give them clear, fair warning so, if they aren’t on board, they can make the necessary adjustments to keep their inbox clean.

ecommerce email marketing

3) Tory Burch

Did you see that? Did you see it move? Pretty cool, right? This small bit of animation helps to separate this email from Tory Burch from all of the immobile emails in their recipient’s inboxes. They also leverage exclusivity by framing the promotion as a “private” sale. Often times, this type of positioning makes the recipient feel like they’re specially chosen, which encourages them to take advantage of the special opportunity they’ve been presented with. 

4) Zipcar

This example sample comes courtesy of my coworker who started signing up for Zipcar, got busy, and had to abandon the form. As a result, the email calls her back to the website with some lighthearted copy that nudges her in the right direction, and also reminds her of the value of using Zipcar — being economical and helping the planet.

If your site visitors are abandoning shopping carts or landing pages, use your email marketing in this way to remind them they have some unfinished business on your website!

zipcar abandonment email

5) RunKeeper

RunKeeper makes an effort to reengage lost users with this friendly, informational email. By highlighting their app’s most recent changes and benefits, the copy works to entice recipients to give the app another chance. Small inclusions like the “Hi friend” greeting and the “You rock” closing makes the content feel welcoming and less aggressive. 

6) Litmus

Here’s another great example from Litmus of animation being used to create more interesting email marketing design. Unlike static text, the swipe motion used to provide recipients with a look “under the hood” of their email tool is eye-catching and encourages you to take a deeper dive into the rest of the content. Not to mention the header does an excellent job of explicitly stating what this email is about.

7) Loft

This email from Loft aims to demonstrate their understanding of your crazy, mixed-value inbox. In an effort to provide you with emails that you actually want to open, Loft asks that their recipients update their preferences to help them deliver a more personalized experience. This customer-focused email is super effective in making the recipient feel like their likes, dislikes, and opinions actually matter. 

8) UncommonGoods 

You’ve heard it a million times (and a few thousand of those times may have been from us): You should create a sense of urgency with your calls-to-action. That’s what makes a lead take action, right? Well, this email from UncommonGoods succeeds in creating a sense of urgency by focusing on the value of acting now. 

Instead of saying, “Order your Mother’s Day gift NOW before Preferred Shipping ends!”, this email asks, “Don’t you think Mom would’ve liked a faster delivery?” Why yes, she would. Thank you for reminding me before it’s too late — I don’t want to be in the dog house because my gift arrived after Mother’s Day.

uncommon goods email marketing


9) JetBlue

Confession: We have a serious email marketing crush on JetBlue. And they continue to deliver their lovable marketing in this cheeky email campaign that aims to humorously reengage customers. Every element from the header, to the three witty points, to the actionable, contrasting CTA work together to create a lovable campaign that’s promotional without being pushy. 

10) Bonobos

It’s simple: If you want people to engage with your emails, give them a reason to do so. This clean, minimalistic, and easy-to-click email campaign from Bonobos creates an interactive experience that encourages the recipient to take action.

The structure of this email aims to cater to those who don’t have time to waste scrolling through pages of shorts that may or may not be in stock in their size. By providing a direct pathway to what they’re looking for, Bonobos creates a seamless online shopping experience.

11) Amazon Local

This email from Amazon Local is short and sweet, with just one CTA: click through this email to tell Amazon what you like and dislike. That way, the deals they send you going forward can be more in line with what you’re likely to actually want. What’s wonderful about this experience is not just that they asked, but also how consistent the experience is from email to landing page. Take a look at the email below, and the landing page that follows.

amazon local email marketing

Notice how the language in the email above, “like” and “dislike,” mirrors the language in the buttons below? This is a simple way to get feedback from your email recipients to provide more personalized offers in their inbox, thus increasing the chance of a high clickthrough and offer redemption rate.
amazon local deal preferences

12) Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global provides focus groups so regular businesses can get some meaty market research. While research is known for being a little complicated, this email is impressively simple. All of the information you need to know to determine whether you want to participate is called out in bold, and extremely short explanatory copy follows it.

What is the survey about? What do I get for taking it? How long will it take? Where can I begin? You can figure this all out pretty immediately. All emails should aim to provide such clear instruction.

focus pointe copywriting and cta email

13) Harpoon Brewery

My friends at Harpoon are so thoughtful, aren’t they? This simple, timely email really does feel like it’s coming from a friend, which is why it’s so effective. In an age of email automation, it’s easy for email campaigns to feel a little robotic. And while I’m certain that this email was, in fact, automated, it feels really human.

If you’re looking to strengthen the relationship you have with your existing customers, consider taking the time to set up a quick email like this to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

14) Bonafide

HubSpot customer Bonafide uses this email in one of its lead nurturing email series, and it’s a great example of a principle so many email marketers forget. Your inbox recipients don’t always remember who you are! 

Take a look at the callout in orange — the first paragraph of this email tells the reader why they are being contacted. With the amount of inbox overload we all suffer, reminders of this nature are critical to preventing deletions and unsubscribes. 

15) Rip Curl


That’s quite powerful, wouldn’t you agree? Rip Curl, an Australian surfing sportswear retailer, combines urgency and our psychological need to be part of something to create an email headline that jumps off the page. This positioning is designed to lead people to believe that there’s a “revolution” taking place and it’s their turn to get in on the action. At the end of the day, people want to be part of something that’s bigger than themselves, and this email aims to motivate them to do so by purchasing this sleek watch.

16) J.Crew Factory

For many of us, when it comes to wrapping gifts, the struggle is real. J.Crew Factory recognized this problem, and then created this email to serve as a solution for those incapable of pulling off a Pinterest-esque wrap job: gift cards. The email offers up two different says to pick up a gift card — in store or online — in an effort to avoid excluding anyone. 

They’ve also included a map of the nearest store location at the end of the email to lower the purchasing barrier even further. 

There are hundreds of other examples of excellent email marketing. Share some of your favorite campaigns in the comments.

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Infographic: Psychology Of Color, Shapes, Fonts In Logo Designs

Color may be an important factor when it comes to designing a logo, but having a good shape, font and spacing play a part in creating a successful logo too.

This infographic by Colourfast, takes us on a deeper look at the psychology behind the colors, shapes, and fonts used by popular brands.

For example, using squares and triangles suggest stability and professionalism.

You may like to learn about the power of color in branding, and the common shapes and design elements seen in popular brand logos.

Scroll down to view the infographic.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[via Tech Co, Colourfast]

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Toronto’s ‘Rage Room’ Lets You Smash Plates And Chairs To Relieve Stress

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Some find catharsis in drinking, and some in breaking things. Venting your anger on an inanimate object and watching it shatter can be a very therapeutic experience after a long day at work.

That is why Battle Sports Inc has created the ‘Rage Room’. Located in Toronto, it is a facility where you can thrash it all out.

For US$20, one is entitled to half an hour in the Rage Room. A Rage Room Smash Menu is also available that lets you select the items that you wish to destroy.

Scroll down to watch a teaser on the Rage Room and click here to be redirected to the site.

[via Laughing Squid, Rage Room, images via Battle Sports Inc.]

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LOL: A Hilarious Parody Of The Craft Beer Industry

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Previously, we featured this hilarious parody of the hipster artisanal, handmade movement. Now it’s the craft beer industry’s turn to get skewered.

Created by YouTube channel Above Average, the video below follows a brewery owner as he gives a tour of the facility, billed as “America’s smallest nanobrewery.”

It’s a world where everything is super small, from the minuscule finger-held beer mugs and tiny distribution trucks, to pint-sized flights of samples and food pairings with “handcrafted micro pizzas” and chicken wings made from “the littlest chickens.”

Hilariously, while other microbreweries focus on making great tasting bottled beer, the “nanobrewery” is committed to “making each sip taste great.”

Check out the video below for more laughs.

[via Trend Hunter and Eater, video via Above Average]

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Stunning House With Open Layout Boasts Breathtaking Panoramic Views Of Mountains

For those who enjoy soaking in the calming effects of an idyllic natural surrounding, this sleek and modern architecture is right up your alley.

The ‘Panorama House’, designed by architect Ajay Sonar, covers 400-square-meters in Maharashtra, India, and boasts views of the incredible Sahyadri mountain range.

Following his philosophy of blurring the lines between interior and exterior, Sonar adopted an open layout for this residence through the inclusion of unobstructed interior spaces and numerous windows—a feasible design when you have close to no neighbors to infringe on your privacy.

View pictures of this beautiful architectural design below.

[via HYPEBEAST and Selectism, images by Hemant Patil]

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Eight Ways Introverts Can Thrive In The Modern Workplace

Image: jens karlsson

Jeffrey Rodman, co-founder of collaborative communication technology firm Polycom, has written an article for Fast Company that outlines eight ways introverts can thrive in the modern workplace.

For employees, these include plugging in earphones to drown out noisy distractions and carving out pockets of quiet time, while employers can make introverted staff feel more at home by creating private spaces and turning private offices into shared resources.

Check out the rest of the tips here.

[via Fast Company, image via IMGembed]

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