An Illustrated List Of Pet Peeves You Would Probably Be Able To Identify With

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What is your greatest pet peeve? BuzzFeed shares a list of pet peeves that almost everyone can identify with.

Drawing from BuzzFeed Comics, the list includes stepping in a puddle with new socks on, forgetting something when you leave the house and the strong wind on the subway that messes up your hair and clothes.

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Delightful, Geometric Illustrations Of Beloved ‘Star Wars’ Characters

Thai illustrator and graphic designer Phuwadon Thongnoum, previously featured for his bold, geometric illustrations, is back with more works.

In this new series, Thongnoum has recreated iconic characters seen in the the original Star Wars IV: A New Hope movie, rendered in his signature clean, geometric vector style.

Favorites like Darth Vader, R2D2, as well as the X-wing and TIE fighter spaceships are featured in this delightful series.

Scroll down, and head over here, to see the full gallery.

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Sneaky Tricks Restaurants Use To Get You To Spend More Money

Image: Zsolt Botykai

You may not know this, but the second you walk into a dining establishment, the choices you make are heavily influenced by the restaurant—more specifically, you are steered towards ordering things that they make the most money from. This recent Quora thread offers some insights on how they do this.

At a corporate level, design can be used to subtly influence customer behavior.

For food chains like McDonald’s, design is used. For example, their bright lights attract customers to come in but the same bright lights also make them eat and leave quickly. Other corporate methods include the use of enticing photographs on the menu or using color theory—red is said to make people feel hungrier.

Other “home-spun” techniques are more implicit but still affect the customer.

For example, the “flowery language” used on menus—terms like ‘handcrafted, triple-basted, slow-cooked’ can make the dish sound even more enticing. Restaurants also use extremely expensive food as decoys to make the rest of the menu look cheaper.

Menu engineer Gregg Rapp also mentioned in a MentalFloss article that menus are meant to flow, and not all parts are equal. This influences what the customer sees and ultimately orders.

Head over here to read more about how restaurants are influencing your dining experience.

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Tongue-In-Cheek Chart Reveals What Your Bagel Choice Says About Your Personality

Previously, we talked about the way you eat pizza and what it says about your personality.

This chart created by Mashable features a tongue-in-cheek analysis of what your choice of bagel reveals about your personality.

For example, if you eat any type of bagel with bacon, egg and cheese, “congratulations, you’re a New Yorker”, and if you fancy a cinnamon raisin bagel with walnut cream cheese, you are probably experiencing your first college hangover.

Scroll down to read the funny analysis.

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Popular Film Scenes, Movie Posters Recreated As Trippy Neon Sign GIFs

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Animator and illustrator Michael Whaite, also known as Neonardo, has brilliantly recreated movie scenes and iconic posters as glowing neon sign GIFs.

His website features GIFs of iconic scenes from movies like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and cult favorites like The Shining.

Whaite told MTV News, “I wanted to design an animated neon movie sign, just for fun and I thought Ghostbusters [was] ideal subject matter—all those glowing ghosts and proton streams. I uploaded the animation on Tumblr and the response was really positive, so I continued designing more.”

Click play to check out Whaite’s showreel.

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