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Image: Kevin Raggio

Image: João Almeida

Image: Johannes Andersson

Image: Robert Ullmann

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Image: Thommy Kusbin

Image: Nora Jane

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Watch: Blindfolded Strangers Kiss In Thought-Provoking Social Experiment

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Inspired by last year’s viral ‘First Kiss’ video , Toronto-based cinematographer Jordan Oram filmed eight blindfolded strangers kissing in a thought-provoking social experiment that turns the tables on the phrase “love at first sight”.

The unusual task was only revealed to them after they were blindfolded and briefly introduced to each other in his studio.

The couples moved past their awkwardness to find each others’ faces and lips, turning an unexpected situation into a sweet moment.

“What if you meet the person you fell in love with from the first kiss? What if it was like your first kiss? What if it was, like, you met someone, you kissed them and then you introduced yourself? And then you built the chemistry from that,” Oram explained in the video.

Watch what happened and find out what the participants thought about the experiment below.

[via Bored Panda and A Plus, video via Jordan Oram]

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You Can Now Have Your Tattoos Framed And Preserved When You Pass On

Tattoos are lasting, meaningful works of art, and people can now frame them up just like a painting.

Save My Ink’ is a service offered by the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA), which is dedicated to preserving your tattoo when you pass on.

Interested parties can join the community and make an advance declaration to preserve specific tattoos. After identifying the tattoo, they will then designate a beneficiary, which will alert the NAPSA within 18 hours of one’s passing.

The embalmer then removes the tattoos within 60 hours and sends it to NAPSA for preservation, it will be framed and returned to your loved ones within three to six months.

According to NAPSA, this is so that “your story, your spirit, and your legacy can live on, for generations to come.”

The unconventional process may be unsettling, and the NAPSA has identified these interested parties to be “progressive, out-of-the-box, free-thinkers”.

Nevertheless, some have already gotten tattoos of their deceased loved ones preserved, and it serves as a poignant, lasting memory of them.

Scroll down to view some of the preserved tattoos, and head to their website to find out more.

[via Neatorama, National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art]

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A Tiny, Powerful Camera That Captures Amazing Stargazing Shots In Low Light

Capturing beautiful, high-quality shots while stargazing might become an easy and affordable endeavour in the near future with the arrival of Tiny1, a small but powerful camera that is built to produce amazing images in low-light.

Founded by Tinymos, a startup composed of a Singaporean trio in early 2014, their concept and prototype has so far garnered US$139,998 in investment and US$174,998 in local grants, with a crowdfunding campaign primed to launch at the end of this year.

Check out some images taken with the Tiny1 below and find out more about the product here.

A video posted by TinyMOS (@thetinymos) on Apr 5, 2015 at 10:31am PDT

A photo posted by TinyMOS (@thetinymos) on Jun 30, 2015 at 11:06am PDT

A photo posted by TinyMOS (@thetinymos) on Sep 18, 2015 at 2:25pm PDT

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The Stark Difference Between How Rich And Average People View Money

Image: Ivan Nava

Steve Siebold, self-made millionaire and author of How Rich People Think, revealed in this article the difference between how wealthy and average people perceive money.

After studying more than 1,200 of the world’s richest people, Siebold discovered that acquiring monetary wealth is closely linked to one’s mentality.

While rich individuals think about money logically, average people look at dollars and cents emotionally.

He explains, “The world class sees money for what it is and what it’s not, through the eyes of logic. The great ones know money is a critical tool that presents options and opportunities.”

For rich folks, money is their ally and the provider of “freedom, opportunity, possibility, and abundance.” They are unafraid “to admit that, logically, it can solve most problems.”

Everyone else, on the other hand, views money as the enemy. “Most people have a dysfunctional, adversarial relationship with money. After all, we are taught that money is scarce—hard to earn and harder to keep. If you want to start attracting money, stop seeing it as your enemy and think of it as one of your greatest allies.”

Read the full article here.

[via Business Insider, image via IMGembed]

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Watch: Sons React To Their Mothers Getting Catcalled

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For ladies who get catcalled on the streets, it’s anything but a pleasant experience.

Following Cosmopolitan’s social experiment in which guys reacted to their girlfriends getting catcalled by other men and The Scene’s previous video in which fathers reacted to their daughters receiving similar treatment, the latter follows up with this new clip that has sons reacting to their mothers getting catcalled on the streets of New York City.

In addition to the awkwardness and anger felt by the male interviewees, one son aptly explained, “If I was uncomfortable and if someone kept saying that stuff to me, it would make me feel like an object.”

Watch the clip below.

[via BuzzFeed, video via The Scene]

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Uber Driver Turns An Ordinary Ride Into A Fun Karaoke Session For His Passengers

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Los Angeles, California-based YouTuber, Jonathan Gaurano, makes a party out of an otherwise ordinary Uber ride in his brand new video, where he ferries groups of people across the city while the infectious summer hit, ‘Uptown Funk’, by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, plays in the background.

Initially gaining popularity with his first carpool karaoke-themed video set to The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, Gaurano’s latest video carries on the awesome tradition, offering his passengers an impromptu sing and dance session that lasts as long as their trip.

Watch the video below.

[via YouTube]

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Amazing Glass-Bottomed Bridge 600 Feet Above Ground Will Make Your Knees Weak

Image via MotherNatureNetwork

Those who suffer from acrophobia, or the fear of heights, will want to steer clear of this new all-glass suspension bridge that recently opened in Shiniuzai National Geological Park in China’s Hunan Province.

The Haohan Qiao, or ‘Brave Men’s Bridge’, is a 900-foot walkway situated 600 feet above ground and is sandwiched between two cliffs.

The geological formations in this region are credited for the inspiration behind the breathtaking scenery in director James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Avatar.

Although this bridge marks China’s first all-glass suspension passage, it won’t be the country’s last.

According to Wired, another similar connection, said to span a 1,200-foot canyon in Zhangjiajie National Forest within the same province, is already under construction. The opening is scheduled for year end.

Have a look at the bridge below. Would you dare to walk across it?

If you’re unafraid of heights, perhaps this glass-bottomed pool located 10 floors above the ground will interest you as well.

would you dare cross this terrifying all-glass bridge in china? http://t.co/6mM3ddsNoL http://pic.twitter.com/DpNnu7UYNI

— designboom (@designboom) September 30, 2015

Image via designboom

Dare you cross the 180-metre-high Haohan Qiao in #China? Translation: ‘brave men’s bridge’? http://t.co/vBFXeEjIEu

— Rajat N Agrawal, MD (@RajAgra) September 29, 2015

Image via Rajat N Agrawal, MD

The aptly-named Haohan Qiao, or Brave Men's Bridge, is a glass-bottomed walkway suspended 590 feet (180 meters)… http://t.co/zE7Ia81ORq

— Twenty First Century (@XXIEngineering) September 28, 2015

Image via Twenty First Century

[via Condé Nast, images via various Twitter sources]

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Burger King ‘Whooper Wine’ Specially Made To Complement Their Iconic Burger

You can now fancy up your dining experience at Burger King Spain with this specially brewed ‘Whopper Wine’.

In celebration of its 40th year anniversary since the fast food chain opened its first store in Madrid in 1975, La Despensa, creative agency for Burger King Spain has decided to create a unique wine that complements their iconic Whooper burger.

The wine has been packaged to spot the same colors as the ingredients of the Whooper, and it also reflects the classy character of a Spanish wine.

Scroll down for a closer look at the wine.

[via Foodiggity]

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Watch: A Funny Compilation Of The ‘Shit’ Film Photographers Say

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Last month, DigitalRev TV published this exaggerated and just-for-laughs video featuring the ‘shit’ that egotistical street photographers say.

Now the YouTube channel returns with this belly-tickling follow-up that zooms in on another group of photographers: those who remain true to film.

Amidst the team’s hyperbolic comments, look out for cliché sayings such as “life is like a roll of film, what’s done is done, you don’t get a second chance” and, according to main presenter Kai Wong, the slogan that die hard film photographers live by: “buy film not megapixels”.

Once again, please don’t take this video too seriously or generalize the characteristics featured in this video to all film photographers out there.

Enjoy the clip below.

[via DIY Photography, video via DigitalRev TV]

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