How To Fake Confidence Even When You’re Not Feeling Your Best

Confidence can be a tricky concept to master, especially when you are undergoing new trials and experiences. In preparation for situations that call for unshakable conviction, website Lifehacker lists a few ways you can fake it even when you are not feeling your best.

Send out the right body language.

Body language, while subtle, communicates a deep and often accurate sense of your confidence. Swapping out habits like fidgeting and crossing your arms for “high power poses”, like spreading out your feet and taking up space, can instill a perception of power in you and the people around you.

Maintain eye contact.

Mastering the art of maintaining eye contact about 60% of the time is a common trait among confident people, as it fosters a sense of engagement and gives the signal that you are paying full attention.

Learn how to be charismatic.

Honing the way you treat and interact with others can contribute to your overall charisma, and entails being present in the moment with the people around you, offering a genuine sense of goodwill and possessing traits that come across as powerful and impacting to our world.

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Tantalizing Cinemagraphs Of Halloween-Themed Cocktails

The creative duo behind Kitchen Ghosts, an ongoing cinemagraph series depicting a range of appetizing cooking exploits, released a Halloween edition of alluring moving images featuring cocktails made from creative recipes.

The colorful concoctions are both a visual treat and inspiration for your Halloween feast, with the surreal swirls of smoke coupled with an ingredient list to help you recreate the delicious potions at home.

Check out the cinemagraphs below, and head here to view their entrancing collection to date.

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How To ‘Steal’ Design Ideas In An Ethical And Legal Way

While taking a design idea and passing it off as your own is inappropriate and fully deserving of its creator’s wrath, finding inspiration and incorporating your favorite elements with a personal twist can be useful in helping you realize your unique style.

Recognizing the importance of having reference points, website Code With Coffee lists a few effective ways you can reduce the tendency to copy an artwork in its entirety while improving your skills in conceptualizing ideas.

Build your own vision of a design inspiration.

Building your own vision based on the designs that inspire you can give you an early push in momentum, motivating you to find fresh perspectives in an existing template or rubric and help you form an idea of your personal preferences in aesthetic.

Identify areas that stand out.

Identify the features that stand out and form the backbone of a design you like, and recreate your own version with a series of customizations that applies to a client’s set of brand guidelines and terms of a brief supplied to you.

Customize your own design story.

All the elements of a design, be it a menu button or a contact form, contributes to the overall experience that gives users a good sense of a brand’s offering. Tweaking the color scheme, font combinations and icons, for example, can offer a significant departure from your original inspiration.

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Watch: Hilarious Reactions Of American Kids Trying Candies From Around The World

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We have previously featured Cut Video’s series of American kids trying breakfasts, school lunches, and dinners from around the world.

In the spirit of Halloween, they have gotten the kids to try popular candies from different countries for their latest episode.

The kids got to try sweet treats from countries including Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, and France, with differing opinions about them—the chocolate caramels from France seemed to be their favorite, while they all disliked the salty black licorice from Finland.

Click play on the video below to watch their hilarious reactions.

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Watch: Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Reacts To The Near-Earth Halloween Asteroid

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Disney Pixar has released a new promo video for their upcoming film The Good Dinosaur. It references the real skull-shaped asteroid TB145, also known as “Spooky”, that zipped past our planet on Halloween.

It provides a timely callback to the premise of The Good Dinosaur, which imagines the scenario, “What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?”

Complete with a dramatic score, the characters from the movie are shown to be extremely relieved by the monumental near-miss.

The movie is slated for release on 25 November 2015. Head here to watch the official trailer, and for more news on the movie.

Click play on the video below to watch their epic reactions.

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How to Become an Influential Leader: Tips on Hiring, Growth & Management [Podcast]

When you first start out in your career, growth seems straightforward. You do great work, and then you get promoted to the next level. Simple as that.

But as you start to progress up the ladder, figuring out how to get to the next level in your career becomes more complicated. 

If you’re an ambitious leader looking to progress to the next stage, what should you be doing?

Charlene Li, Founder & CEO of the Altimeter Group, has literally written books on the subject. And this week on The Growth Show, Charlene joins us to chat about influence, leadership, and building high-growth companies in our digital, hyper-connected world. Some episode highlights include:

  • The one similarity among high-growth companies
  • The key to avoiding “groupthink” at your company
  • Why every single job candidate at Altimeter Group takes a practical exam
  • How leaders need to adapt when they hire empowered employees
  • The secrets to growing in your career over time

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