LOL: The Résumé Of Darth Vader

You’ve seen James Bond’s résumé, now check out Darth Vader’s CV.

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens just weeks away, résumé template website Novorésumé have created a résumé that humorously outlines Vader’s skills and achievements throughout the series.

Check it out below.

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What Your Favorite Christmas Song Says About Your Holiday Decorating Style

Image via Tim Schrock

You know that Christmas is just around the corner when radio stations and the malls start playing holiday tunes.

Country Living has put together a personality analysis that reveals your holiday decorating style based on your favorite Christmas song.

Jingle Bells: You like to keep your decorations classic and fun.

If Jingle Bells is your all-time favorite song, you appreciate elegant decors but would also like to include light-hearted elements throughout your home. You can adorn your tree with jingle bells and red jute webbing.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Christmas is all about cuddling.

Your ideal Christmas celebration is to snuggle up around the fireplace, or next to the tree, and spend time with your loved ones while being comfy under thick warm blankets. You may like to adorn your tree with gold lights, silver and red ornaments, along with gold letters stringed with the title of your favorite carol.

The 12 Days of Christmas: Christmas is not limited to just 25 December.

You start planning for the holidays in November, and will not leave any room spared of Christmas decorations. You go all out to spread the festive joy by adding in patterns, colors, and extravagant details. You can decorate your tree as an advent calendar, filling it up with surprises that count down to the days leading up to Christmas.

Which of these are your favorite Christmas songs?

Head over here to read the full list.

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101 Interesting Facts About Pixar That You May Not Know

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Want to know more about the film studio that brought us movies like Up, Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.? This video by 101Facts provides you with the cool facts about Pixar.

Did you know that Pixar was known as the computer graphics division of Lucasfilms in the 1970s? They were in charge of developing technology for filmmaking. The video goes on to reveal the history of Pixar before moving into details about their famous films.

Watch the video below to find out more about Pixar.

Tin Toy made in 1988 by Pixar was the first computer animated film to receive an Academy award.

Animator and film maker, John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Pixar.

Pixar films have grossed over $9.5 billion worldwide.

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Brilliant Cover-Up Designs Transform Embarrassing Tattoos In Amazing Ways

Image via @coveruptattooing

We have admired tattoos that are statement-making, creative and striking. Now, here are some brilliant cover-up designs that have given embarrassing tattoos a new life.

Whether it is tattoo mistakes we may have made in our teens, or dated designs like a cartoon character, these cover-ups will completely hide away bad decisions without the need to endure multiple laser removal procedures.

Scroll down, and head over here, to view more cover-up tattoos.

A photo posted by TATTOO HOUSE By CURA (@bycura) on Nov 22, 2015 at 12:43pm PST

A photo posted by Tim Pangburn (@timpangburn) on May 4, 2015 at 7:59am PDT

A photo posted by Megan Massacre (@megan_massacre) on Apr 15, 2015 at 11:10am PDT

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The Cheeky ‘Boob Scarf’ Lets You Hang A Pair Of Bare Breasts Down Your Front

If you are looking for a fun novelty gift this holiday season, you would want to take a look at the cheeky ‘Boob Scarf’.

Created by designer and seamstress Beth of BoobsRus, these playful fleece scarves make it look as though their wearers have a pair of bare breasts hanging down their fronts.

Since its debut, the Boob Scarf has not only brought laughter to many people, but has also helped to raise breast cancer awareness—in fact, US$1 from each scarf sold is donated to breast cancer research.

Customers would be able to choose among several nipple colours, and have the option to add tattoos or nipple rings—the original Boob Scarf is available for purchase here.

Would you leave your home in a scarf like this?

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Bold Tattoos Feature Intricately Etched Interpretations Of Famous Masterpieces

Image via OOZY

Art lovers looking for exquisite tattoos can consider the works of OOZY.

The South Korean tattoo studio specializes in linework and dotwork that resemble the intricate etchings of classic draftsmen, while depicting modern reinterpretations of famous masterpieces.

The illustrations feature detailed hatching and stippling, with a glitchy twist on the works of artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Gustav Klimt.

Check out OOZY’s designs below, and follow the artist here for more works.

A photo posted by OOZY (@oozy_tattoo) on Oct 7, 2015 at 8:37pm PDT

A photo posted by OOZY (@oozy_tattoo) on Aug 2, 2015 at 4:48am PDT

A photo posted by OOZY (@oozy_tattoo) on Nov 11, 2015 at 10:59pm PST

A photo posted by OOZY (@oozy_tattoo) on Oct 23, 2015 at 6:20pm PDT

A photo posted by OOZY (@oozy_tattoo) on May 1, 2015 at 5:02am PDT

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Designer Creates Clever Bicycle Storage Solution By Hanging It From The Ceiling

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About a year ago, designer Sinéad Geraghty from Dublin, Ireland conjured up the idea for ‘Stowaway’, a space-saving bicycle storage product that enables owners to safely hang their bicycles from the ceiling.

Inspiration for the design came about when Geraghty started feeling annoyed with three bicycles cluttering the narrow hallway in her house.

Now, the easy-to-use solution is being sold on Kickstarter.

Watch the video below to learn more about how ‘Stowaway’ works.

[via Contemporist, video via YouTube, images via Stowaway]

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Designers’ Advice On How To Make Branding Emotionally Engaging

Diesel’s SS15 Preview collection by Vasava

For designers who are tasked with creating the branding for a product, service or organization within a deeply saturated market, you definitely have to make an effort to establish an emotional connection with your audience. Once brands form an emotional connection with their target audience, the result is brand loyalty and a deep personal connection.

Creative Bloq speaks to leading designers about how to create standout branding in tough market conditions.

Find the voice of the brand.

Bruno Selles, co-founder of Vasava, explains that the key to improving branding engagement is to “celebrate the differences, embrace the originality and let the brands speak their very own language”. By building brand identities in an inventive and unpredictable manner, designers can avoid the standardized solutions and explore what makes the brand special and outstanding in the market. Building on what makes a brand unique is one step towards success, no matter how crowded the market.

Be clear about what you want to say so that you nail it.

Having a clear understanding of what you are trying to communicate will make sure that your audience listens. Director of Shillington US, Holly Karlsson suggests developing an intimate knowledge of your target audience. This means going beyond the stereotypes to figure out what resonates with them and taking note of what does not.

View the branding project like a short story.

Freelance designer and founder of BP&O, Richard Baird, views branding project like short stories that designers are excited about and capable of writing or talking about in a variety of situations. He suggests “fostering and enhancing a genuine emotional connection… from the recounting of process”. Stories about process should be written and told honestly, with good intention, character and passion. In this way, it is self-assured and insightful, not reworked or post-rationalized.

Other tips include working closely with the brand’s intended users and being authentic. Head over here to read on.

The heat-reactive cover art for Computer Arts by Vasava

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A Visual Guide To Italian Hand Gestures To Help You Pass Off As A Local

The team at Mr Porter explores the expressive depths of hand gestures deeply embedded in the Italian language in a simple video.

Inspired by Milanese graphic designer Bruno Munari’s famous beginners’ guide, titled Supplemento Al Dizionario Italiano, the video demonstrates a series of gestures that have been in use for over 60 years, attesting to their enduring quality in Italian culture.

Check out some of the gestures below and find the full article here.

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This Brilliant Carry-On Luggage ‘Reinvents The Wheel’ For Hassle-Free Travel

As air travel gets more common and frequent, whether for the purpose of work or play, packing well has become necessary for a good, fuss-free travel experience. To achieve this, your carry-on luggage would play a crucial role.

The team at New York-based Shalgi Design Studio has created what they believe to be “the world’s best carry-on bag”—the G-RO has become the most funded luggage on Kickstarter since launching on the crowd-funding platform.

Its stand-out feature would have to be its brilliantly designed, patented “all-terrain” wheels—not only are they stronger and last longer than the regular luggage wheels, they also roll easily over all kinds of surfaces and make your luggage feel lighter by shifting its center of gravity.

It is designed for both leisure and business trips—in addition to a spacious compartments for clothes and other personal belongs, it comes with an external compartment so that its user would have easy access to work items.

To top off its impressive list of great features, the G-RO also has a built-in tablet stand and charging station with two USB ports—and if you go for the Optional Electronic Module, you would be able to charge all your gadgets at the same time while on the go.

Find out more about the G-RO in the video below, and head over here to pledge for it.

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