A Box With A Roomful Of Furniture, Can Be Easily Set Up Without Tools

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Design firm Our Paper Life is offering a cheaper alternative to expensive furniture, in the form of a furniture box called ‘Room in a Box’.

Room in a Box is made out of rugged cardboard and contains an entire suite of furniture for your room—a chair, a folding desk, a wastebasket and 12 cardboard cubes that you can use to make shelves, dressers or a platform for your mattress.

According to the team, the contents of the box can be set up in 10 minutes, with no need for glue, tools or tape. The box comes with wheels, making it easier to move, and the materials are 100% recyclable and water-resistant. Although cardboard is not glamorous, it is definitely a cheaper and functional alternative for $149.

Watch the video below to see how the Room in a Box is assembled. Visit their Indiegogo page for more information.

[via Fast Company, images via Room in a Box]

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