Handy Flash Lets You Take High Quality Smartphone Photos In Low Light Conditions

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You can now take beautiful pictures with your smartphones, even in the dark, with the ‘iBlazr’, a compact device that delivers optimal flash in low light conditions.

Packed with four LED lights, the iBlazr lets you control the level of brightness through an app, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Simply plug the iBlazr into the headphone jack of your smartphone, and snap a photo to release the flash that is synced to the camera shutter of your phone—you can also attach it to your tablet, DSLR camera, or use it as a keyboard lamp.

Head over here to purchase the iBlazr.

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Cheeky Ads For Cycling Feature Characters Chasing After Things They Desire

After giving us these clever anatomical ads to promote cycling in Buenos Aires, Argentine agency The Community (formerly La Comunidad) is back with a new set of cheeky posters to encourage people to get moving on their bikes.

Created for the Buenos Aires Public Bike System’s latest campaign to promote its new 24/7 automatic bicycle system, the ads feature a dog, moths, a baby and a squirrel chasing after things they desire.

Have a look at the humorous ads below.

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Infographic: The Best Jobs According To Zodiac Signs

Online psychic reading service Crystal Heart Psychics has come up with an infographic that breaks down the personality and professional traits and the best jobs for the various zodiac signs.

Titled ‘Written In The Stars—Choosing A Career Based On Your Zodiac Sign’, the infographic is in no way definitive, but makes for a fun read.

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Designer Redesigns Comic Sans, Tries To Make It ‘Beautiful’

Can Comic Sans, the world’s most reviled typeface, be made beautiful?

Designer Bård Edlund explains how he takes on the typeface, and sets out on a quest to “make beauty out of garbage”.

Edlund has created a total of four variations—starting with the first experiment by chopping off offensive parts of the letter forms, and giving them a metallic, futuristic makeover.

He then went on to create a 3-D geometric sculptural version, and another that folds the letters in half to create new shapes.

For his final experiment, he rotated copies of each letter around an anchor point of 40 degrees, eight times each, to create a circular symbol.

What do you think of these new versions of Comic Sans?

You can read the full article about it here.

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