Designer’s Ultra-Minimalist Self-Branding Cleverly Bring Focus To The Corners

If something is simple, it does not necessary mean that it is boring—Krakow-based Polish graphic designer Przemek Bizoń’s personal branding identity is a case in point.

Presenting his identity in stark black and white, the designer’s project is characterised by blank white space—the central motif is an abstract logo that is made up of straight lines, a dot and a curved stroke.

This logo is then deconstructed, with the resulting parts placed strategically at the corners of the various branding items—such as business cards and envelopes—to create a striking visual language.

The final product is clean, minimalist yet sophisticated and interesting.

View more images of this well executed self-branding project below and over here. You can also check out more of the designer’s work here.

[via Przemek Bizoń]

from TAXI Daily News