Easier And Smarter Ways To Design For Retina Displays In Photoshop

London-based designer and developer, Murdoch Carpenter, shares a few useful tips on producing high quality designs for retina displays using Photoshop in the smartest and most efficient way possible.

In his article, Carpenter identifies a few problems one might run into when designing for tablets such as the appropriate resolution and font sizes, and provides bite-sized solutions that can be used across other design softwares like Illustrator.

Check out some images from his comprehensive tutorial below, and head here for the complete article.

“You can quickly see the resolution getting out of control. Shown is the corner of a design at @1x to @3x.”

“Table showing number of pixels, size on disk and memory for @1x to @3x blank PSDs.”

“Font sizes become a game of multiplication when working at Retina scale.”

“Example of @1x to @3x DP units on various devices.”

“Go into ‘Scripts’ and click ‘ExportDocument2xPNG’ or “ExportDocument3xPNG.’”

[via Smashing Magazine]

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