Essential Habits Of Top Designers That Help Them Shine In The Industry

Image via BayRock Studios

In order to hone your craft and stand out from the other designers, here are some habits to adopt that will help clients distinguish and remember your work style.

Creative Market has put together a few habits that helped top designers shine in the industry.

They look at other designers’ work.

You will have to know what you are going up against in order to do better. Look for designers with the same characteristics and inspiration so that you can learn from their techniques.

They think about what they want to be known for.

Focus on an aspect that you would like to specialize in and be recognize for. Ask yourself questions like “What do you want people to remember about your designs, and how would people remember you?”.

They bring a few add-ons to their service.

Go the extra mile by offering a personalized service on top of your work. For example, offering a bonus feature for a returning client, or even a simple greeting card for festive seasons. It shows that you put detail not only into your work but also in building relationships.

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[via Creative Market]

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