For Designers: The 10 Commandments Of Photoshop Etiquette To Keep In Mind

Like in many other industries, the design community has its own unique set of quirks that play out in their relationships with clients, approach to design work and best practices that help maintain both clarity and efficiency in teams, among other things.

“As boring and mundane as it sounds: name your layers. This is the most basic rule of them all – even if it’s a basic descriptive name such as ‘arrow’. There’s nothing worse then trying to find a certain layer within a file containing countless duplicates of ‘Layer Copy’.”

Website Creative Bloq lists the 10 commandments of Photoshop etiquette that designers, new and experienced, might want to keep in mind while using the image editing software to complete their tasks, in order to make the lives of all their team members involved much easier.

“Why apply 10 masks on 10 layers when you can group the lot and mask once? Work smarter, not harder!”

Some of the commandments include naming your layers and deleting any unnecessary empty layers, structuring your files logically, saving your paths and proof-reading your designs—all of which may seem like a pain but will be extremely helpful in creating a productive and time-saving workflow.

“Never stretch buttons or vector shapes out of proportion; especially ones with rounded corners. Always redraw them to ensure you get the correct and consistent shape and style.”

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[via Creative Bloq, image via Shutterstock]

from TAXI Daily News