Graphic Designer Offers Useful Advice On How To Beat Creative Block

Getting stuck in a creative rut is hard to avoid for everyone in the creative industries. It comes once in awhile and can get so bad that you might even feel like giving up and planning for a new career.

London-based creative director and graphic designer Radim Malinic just published a new book, titled Book of Ideas, in which he discusses how to beat the dreaded creative block.

Stop panicking.

Take a step back and get a clearer view of what is going on. You probably need to free up some space and time to think, so it is best to go for a walk or run, or get out of your studio, without thinking too much about the deadline. Seek some new perspectives on your project. No project was ever solved by putting in extra hours of directionless labor.

Draw from other successful projects.

In order to get to where you need to be, you should use successful projects as reference points, taking care to focus on “why” the project succeeded instead of “how” it did so. Understanding someone else’s thought process can be a great help.

Find out other ways you can beat creative block here. You can also purchase his book here.

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