Hilarious Video Captures How Social Media Marketing Is Getting Out of Hand

If you're in advertising and feel the pressure to be always on, 24/7, ready for that real-time moment, then you'll identify with the latest marketing buzzword: reactervising.

Toronto-based John St. posted this "reactervising" parody video that perfectly captures the demands of today's marketer, and shows the risks of jumping too fast into social media without thinking.

We've all thumbed through our Twitter feeds and wondered if a brand fully thought out that message—just today Arby's paid an estimated $200,000 to promote the trending hashtag "trick or meat." Sometimes, the real-time tweet hits and then sometimes it doesn't.

John St., which has lampooned Internet cats in advertising and other industry memes, posted its reactervise video this week accompanied by a few shorter pieces—one is about how push notifications could get a little too creepy.

Have a look and laugh:

from Adweek : Technology http://ift.tt/1tpXeSZ

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