How To Fake Confidence Even When You’re Not Feeling Your Best

Confidence can be a tricky concept to master, especially when you are undergoing new trials and experiences. In preparation for situations that call for unshakable conviction, website Lifehacker lists a few ways you can fake it even when you are not feeling your best.

Send out the right body language.

Body language, while subtle, communicates a deep and often accurate sense of your confidence. Swapping out habits like fidgeting and crossing your arms for “high power poses”, like spreading out your feet and taking up space, can instill a perception of power in you and the people around you.

Maintain eye contact.

Mastering the art of maintaining eye contact about 60% of the time is a common trait among confident people, as it fosters a sense of engagement and gives the signal that you are paying full attention.

Learn how to be charismatic.

Honing the way you treat and interact with others can contribute to your overall charisma, and entails being present in the moment with the people around you, offering a genuine sense of goodwill and possessing traits that come across as powerful and impacting to our world.

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[via Lifehacker]

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