In Japan, A Toilet With ‘Translucent’ Walls That Seem To Offer No Privacy

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At first glance, public toilet ‘Gallery TOTO’ located in Narita Airport appears to be devoid of any privacy—translucent walls reveal the silhouettes of its users within the cubicles.

Fret not however, because what you see is in fact LED screens that are playing pre-recorded visuals of individuals dancing, jumping and skating.

Tokyo-based Klein Dytham Architecture designed the facility, which doubles as a showroom for Japanese bathroom brand TOTO.

Named ‘Toilet of the Year’ by Japan’s ministry of land, infrastructure and transportation, it stands enveloped in clear glass with ten individual cubicles that don a white and starkly immaculate façade.

Architect and studio co-founder Mark Dytham explained on Dezeen, “We were interested in the notion of the most private place being in a most public place.”

“We wanted to get away from the perception of toilets as closed and dark environments, where one can rarely see beyond the entrance area, and where one is only confronted with a series of terraced stalls.”

Watch the videos below to get a closer look at its colorful exterior and pristine interior.

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[via Dezeen, videos via Mark Dytham and totoadjp1010]

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