LOL: A Hilarious Parody Of The Craft Beer Industry

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Previously, we featured this hilarious parody of the hipster artisanal, handmade movement. Now it’s the craft beer industry’s turn to get skewered.

Created by YouTube channel Above Average, the video below follows a brewery owner as he gives a tour of the facility, billed as “America’s smallest nanobrewery.”

It’s a world where everything is super small, from the minuscule finger-held beer mugs and tiny distribution trucks, to pint-sized flights of samples and food pairings with “handcrafted micro pizzas” and chicken wings made from “the littlest chickens.”

Hilariously, while other microbreweries focus on making great tasting bottled beer, the “nanobrewery” is committed to “making each sip taste great.”

Check out the video below for more laughs.

[via Trend Hunter and Eater, video via Above Average]

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