MUJI Releases Elegant Homeware Catalog Inspired By Scandinavian Design

Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI just launched a line of Swedish goods, bringing together two of the world’s design superpowers.

Their 40-item MUJI Sweden catalog is in line with their Found Muji series, which is a collection of traditional home products sourced from locations like France, India, Germany and Ecuador, highlighting the cultural and historical uniqueness of each chosen region.

For this particular collection, MUJI pays homage to the Scandinavian country’s iron, linen and wooden industries as well as its cuisine and agriculture. The catalog includes Swedish melamine tableware, a special potato cutting board and a wall-mounted holder for coffee filters, specially for households in the world’s third largest coffee-drinking nation.

Despite the geographical distance, Naoko Yano, MUJI’s general manager of planning and design, observed that Japan and Sweden have similar design sensibilities. Both cultures favor a cheerful, unadorned aesthetic that companies like MUJI and IKEA have turned into million-dollar operations.

Head over here for a closer look at the MUJI Sweden catalog. You can also read more about the Found Muji series here.

A wall-mounted holder for coffee filters

[via Quartz, MUJI]

from TAXI Daily News