Nine Famous Chefs Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Packed Lunches

Like many of us, plenty of world-renowned chefs had ordinary upbringings that include years of conventionally packed lunches for school. Without the benefit of the culinary finesse that they developed in their later years, their lunchbox meals can be as embarrassing as some of ours were.

Website Refinery29 explores the variety of pre-packed lunches that famous chefs like Michael Hung of Beverly Hills’ Viviane and Jimmy Bradley of New York’s Red Cat had to endure, which include braised chicken feet and paisley stems wrapped in moist paper towels, instead of the typical post-lunch gum.

Check out some of the anecdotes of their embarrassing packed lunches below and view the complete series here.

“The next morning, he’d packed my new lunch box with dim sum delights — braised chicken feet, steamed tripe with fermented soybeans, thousand-year-old duck eggs with black vinegar — NO!”—Michael Hung, Viviane. Image courtesy of Michael Hung.

“My mom would pack me lunch boxes with homemade freshly ground peanut butter on Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, dusted with powdered milk to activate the proteins and give some extra calcium. And she’d pack a carob bar as a snack.”—Jimmy Bradley, The Red Cat. Image courtesy of Jimmy Bradley.

[via Refinery29, image via Shutterstock]

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