Old Navy’s Discouraging ‘Anti-Artist’ T-shirts Stir Up Anger On The Internet

It is not uncommon for retailers to suffer a backlash when the public perceive their products to be inappropriate—and Old Navy is the latest brand to receive such unwanted attention on the internet.

The issue centers on a couple of statement t-shirts made for young girls that caught the eyes of some social media users—they are printed with the words “Young Aspiring Artist” with “artist” crossed out in exchange for “president” and “astronaut”.

Many on Twitter have taken offence with the message that these t-shirts are sending out, which seems to be that being an artist is not a valued occupation. For a company that actually relies on artists to sell their goods, this comes across as particularly ironic.

Twitter user Steve Ogden has decided to “fix” these t-shirts by suggesting new designs—you can see them below.

Head over here to find out more about this saga, and to read Old Navy’s statement in response to it. You can even buy a more inspiring version of the t-shirt here.

Fixed it for ya, @OldNavy #OldNavy #Artist #Creatives #Designers #Musicians http://pic.twitter.com/yQtA5QXyYx

— Steve Ogden (@SteveOgdenArt) December 30, 2015

[via Tech Insider]

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