Pairings Of Food And Fashionable Outfits That Are Unexpectedly Similar In Color

“Earl Grey Cake With Rhubarb Cream + Hanneli By Easy Fashion”

Diana Moss, a Cape Town, South Africa-based blogger, has compiled a visually appealing collages that bring together food and fashion in a wonderfully creative way.

Drawing parallels between the colors in food and fashion, Moss places delicious pastries alongside stylish individuals whose outfits are a near-perfect color match.

The uncanny resemblance between the two categories provides a fascinating insight into how similar trends in food and fashion can be.

Take a look at some of her collages below, and check out the full series here.

“Peach Pie + Claire By Stockholm Streetstyle”

“Blueberry Meringue Pie + Irina By Streetstyle Aesthetic”

“Almond Cream Filled Cardomom Buns + Tommy Ton”

“Banana Cream Pie + The Locals”

“Sticky Toffee Pudding + Antonia Aiegmund By A Love Is Blind”

[via Miss Moss]

from TAXI Daily News