‘Perfect, World’s Sharpest’ Razor Has A Sapphire Blade, Is Now Affordable

If you are looking to upgrade your razor in the new year, you should look no further than the luxurious Zafirro, which is “the biggest advance in razor blade technology in more than a half century”.

Featuring a pure, white sapphire blade, it is the sharpest razor in the world, and lasts about 100 times longer than your regular razor.

With sapphire being second only to diamond in terms of innate hardness, Zafirro’s blade is 10 times sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel—at about just 80 atoms at the tip, its width is 5,000 times smaller than that of a human hair.

The first Zafirro product, the ‘Zafirro Iridium’, retailed at an astronomical price point of US$100,000, while the ‘Zafirro Gold’ that followed it costs a whooping US$18,000.

However, this cutting-edge razor is no longer out of the reach of the masses—the Zafirro Z2 Razor launched on Kickstarter recently, and pledges currently start from only US$179.

Prices is set to be considerably higher once the razor hits the market, so pledge for it here if you would like to be among the first to enjoy it.

[via Kickstarter]

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