Simple, Easy Ways To Boost Your Concentration And Stay Focused

Image: Daniel Bonavita

Business Insider has an article listing 11 simple and easy ways to boost your concentration. The tips were derived from responses to a Quora thread.

Check out some of the tips below and read the full article here.

Take breaks

According to research, taking breaks throughout the day restores your energy and focus.

Work on tasks according to your energy levels

Figure out when you’re most energetic and work on tasks that require high concentration during those times. For times when you’re recharging, carry out low level tasks like checking email.

Make a list of distractions

Keeping a list of things that distract you keeps your mind focused on tasks at hand.


Research has shown that 10- to 40-minute bouts of physical activity gives you a cognitive boost, so make time during your day to take a walk, go running or hit the badminton court.

[via Business Insider, image via IMGembed]

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