MUJI Releases Elegant Homeware Catalog Inspired By Scandinavian Design

Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI just launched a line of Swedish goods, bringing together two of the world’s design superpowers.

Their 40-item MUJI Sweden catalog is in line with their Found Muji series, which is a collection of traditional home products sourced from locations like France, India, Germany and Ecuador, highlighting the cultural and historical uniqueness of each chosen region.

For this particular collection, MUJI pays homage to the Scandinavian country’s iron, linen and wooden industries as well as its cuisine and agriculture. The catalog includes Swedish melamine tableware, a special potato cutting board and a wall-mounted holder for coffee filters, specially for households in the world’s third largest coffee-drinking nation.

Despite the geographical distance, Naoko Yano, MUJI’s general manager of planning and design, observed that Japan and Sweden have similar design sensibilities. Both cultures favor a cheerful, unadorned aesthetic that companies like MUJI and IKEA have turned into million-dollar operations.

Head over here for a closer look at the MUJI Sweden catalog. You can also read more about the Found Muji series here.

A wall-mounted holder for coffee filters

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Ways To Be A Better Friend While Juggling With Other Priorities In Life

As you grow older, spending time with your friends will become lesser as other responsibilities and priorities in life set in.

While we can be so caught up with life, Irene S. Levine, PhD psychologist and professor of psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine and producer of The Friendship Blog, said “They [Friendship] provide concrete and intangible support to make these busy years easier and more enjoyable”.

Fast Company has came up with a list of ways we can be better friends even when we are busy.

Big get-togethers can be easier to prioritize than smaller ones.

Take time to block off a time of the year in advance so that everyone can set aside and plan for the meet up. Jane Theriault, assistant professor of psychology gets together with her former sorority sisters annually, which involve husbands, kids and boyfriends too, this tightens the ties, and reduces the guilt of running off to meet your friends.

Practice little, random acts of kindness.

A handwritten card, a loaf of freshly baked bread from the bakery is a nice gesture to say “I’m thinking of you”, and everyone appreciates gift, especially if they are given without reasons.

Double-up or multitask your schedule.

Helena Weiss-Duman, who works for UC Berkeley, spends time with a group of friends in San Francisco area for dinner once a month, but in between she aims to “hit a double or triple”, which involve multitasking. For example, when you are running an errand, or trying a new exercise class, invite a friend along. She also asks her friends to join her at the university cafeteria on days when she gets more flexibility.

Head over here to read more tips.

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‘World’s First’ Incubator & Biodegradable Urn Turns Ashes To Trees Effortlessly

We previously featured a biodegradable urn that turns ashes into a tree.

Bios now introduces the ‘Bios Incube’, the world’s first system designed to help grow the remains of your loved ones close to you. Apart from the Bio Urn, the ‘Bios Incube’ also includes an incubator that facilitates growth, enabling your to track and monitor plant growth. It also brings all the information seamlessly together in a mobile application, combining the insights of tree growth with data from its environment.

Since the ‘Bios Incube’ is made to work by itself, setting it up is really simple. You simply plant the Bios Urn inside the ‘Bios Incube’. Then you place the sensor on the surface of the soil, just above the Bios Urn. This will help track and water your tree using the water tank inside the ‘Bios Incube’. Users can then sync it to the mobile app, granting you the ability to track your tree and stay up-to-date on environmental conditions.

Watch the video below or visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information.

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Thought-Provoking Double Exposure Ads Illustrate The Destruction Of Wildlife

Created for German environmental advocacy group Robin Wood, these striking ads illustrate the destruction of animals and their natural habitat.

Made with double exposure, each ad features a different animal—and within them—shows their natural habitat being destroyed by humans through deforestation and oil drilling.

The ads all come with the message: “Destroying nature is destroying life”. They were created by ad agency Grabarz & Partner.

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Disney Lovers: A Collection Of Tattoos Inspired By Your Favorite Disney Film

Image via @josiesexton

We previously featured a collection of tattoos inspired by Disney Princesses.

For Disney lovers, this list of tattoos compiled by Brit+Co contains the perfect way for you to express your childhood nostalgia and love for your favorite Disney movies.

From the enchantress’ rose from Beauty and the Beast to remind you that true beauty lies within, to a tattoo of Wendy and the boys flying to Neverland from Peter Pan to remind you to never grow up, we hope this list inspires you as you ponder about your next tattoo.

Scroll down and enjoy reminiscing about your favorite Disney films. Which tattoo catches your eye?

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Infographic: The Truth Behind Trending Superfoods And Their Alternatives

Superfoods and clean eating may be all the rage right now, with the influence making its way into the menus of popular food chains in gradual doses. But exactly how healthy are they and how do they compare with their humble counterparts?

Website Compare the Market has put together an insightful infographic illustrating the real nutritional values and prices of trending superfoods like kale, chia seeds and agave nectar, placing them side by side their traditional alternatives such as broccoli, flaxseed and honey.

Check out the infographic below.

Trending Super Food & Their Alternatives

From Visually.

[via Visually]

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Google’s Interview Questions That Are So Tough, They Were Banned

Google is known to have asked some bizarre and extremely challenging interview questions in the past.

In 2009, Seattle job coach Lewis Lin compiled a list of 140 questions that his clients were asked by the company.

Business Insider has picked out 17 of the toughest from this list, several of which you can preview below.

To see more of the questions and answers, click here.

How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

Why are manhole covers round?

A man pushed his car to a hotel and lost his fortune. What happened?

How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?

For answers to the questions above, click here.

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Infographic: The Amazing Ways Color Can Alter Your Mind

Colors have the ability to alter our mind and moods when used in different settings.

Vanessa Arbuthnott has created an infographic that looks into the positive and negative effects of colors, along with their representations.

For example, yellow is the best color to create enthusiasm and awaken greater confidence, but too much yellow can cause distress especially when used in bedrooms.

Scroll down to view the infographic.

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

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Google Employee Explains How To ‘Design’ Your Time, Not Just Manage It

For many of us, there always seems to be far more to do every day than there is time to do it. Work can seem like a never-ending cycle of long meetings, urgent tasks and overflowing inboxes. Google employee, Thomas Davies shares how you should “design your time” rather than manage it. According to him, “managing” your time starts from the premise that the best you can do is to keep your workload “manageable”. The change in mindset to “designing your time” can help you see the bigger picture and might help you in the long run.

Break everything into quadrants.

Since you can write strategic plans for just about any big project, why not take the same approach for your time? Planning will help you think critically about which projects will have the greatest positive impact, instead of just coping with everything that comes your way. Davies starts by dividing his work responsibilities into four quadrants: people development, business operations, transactional tasks and representative tasks. Your four quadrants might be labeled different, but you can only have four of them.

By dividing your work into the quadrants, you will realize that not all tasks are created equal—one quadrant will have lower-value tasks, and you probably will not spend an equal amount of time working on tasks in each quadrant. This exercise is not about segregating your day into neat 25% chunks, but to help you see that if you focus on business impact and personal enjoyment, you can design what you do, rather than just doing what needs to be done.

Through this quadrants, you should be able to recognize what you actually like about your job and become more intentional about doing those things. Even if you have periods when you are immersed in doing tasks in just one quadrant, you can intentionally set aside a small amount of time to build in tasks from the quadrant you find more energizing, which would help keep you happier and more productive.

Get used to saying “no”.

Designing your time each week works best when you learn to say no to some tasks. The day is just not long enough to do every task asked of you. After breaking your work down into quadrants you can ask yourself questions like, “will my participation in this meeting really have the greatest impact on my company? Is there something else I can work on that will lead to greater results?”

Your four-quadrant system will only work if you can say “no” because it defines a hierarchy of value. Your refusing to participate in certain things is not because you simply dislike the task, but because you know that your time is better spent elsewhere. This helps you respect the time you scheduled for yourself. For instance, if you are working on a report, give yourself permission to not respond immediately to every email—this ensures that you are not simply managing your inbox, but doing so by design.

Head over here to read more about what it means to “design” your time.

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Watch: If Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ Was A Horror Movie

[Click here to view the video in this article]

In a masterful reinterpretation of beloved animation My Neighbor Totoro, YouTube channel Nobu Film applies a series of menacing special effects to select scenes to produce a trailer that places the classic film in the horror genre.

Showcasing the power of music and filters in setting the mood of a movie, the trailer replaces the usually sunny visuals and uplifting soundtracks in favor of darker tones and dramatic music composed of tribal drums and screechy violins that will put you at the edge of your seat.

Watch the video below.

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