Ace Hotel And Toykobike Team Up To Launch A Beautiful Summer Bike

An exciting summer collaboration between the Ace Hotel and Tokyobike has emerged, with the companies launching a brand new, multi-colored range of lightweight bikes that guests in DTLA and London can purchase after their stay.

The bike’s design is visibly influenced by the stylish, minimalistic aesthetic of the two brands, with a few key modifications such as a softer, wider tyre and a more relaxed handlebar. The new model comes in four delightful colors: juniper, slate blue, vermillion and gold, inspired by the distinct hues of LA and London.

Check out images of the new bike below, and head here to find out more.

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Easier And Smarter Ways To Design For Retina Displays In Photoshop

London-based designer and developer, Murdoch Carpenter, shares a few useful tips on producing high quality designs for retina displays using Photoshop in the smartest and most efficient way possible.

In his article, Carpenter identifies a few problems one might run into when designing for tablets such as the appropriate resolution and font sizes, and provides bite-sized solutions that can be used across other design softwares like Illustrator.

Check out some images from his comprehensive tutorial below, and head here for the complete article.

“You can quickly see the resolution getting out of control. Shown is the corner of a design at @1x to @3x.”

“Table showing number of pixels, size on disk and memory for @1x to @3x blank PSDs.”

“Font sizes become a game of multiplication when working at Retina scale.”

“Example of @1x to @3x DP units on various devices.”

“Go into ‘Scripts’ and click ‘ExportDocument2xPNG’ or “ExportDocument3xPNG.’”

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VSCO’s Releases Its Newest Pack Of Presets Emulating Rare, Beloved Films

VSCO has just released its newest—and largest—pack of presets, VSCO Film 07 – Eclectic Film, featuring 18 different films and over 100 presets that will add an analog film aesthetic to your smartphone snapshots.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this brand new release is its overall clean, minimalistic finish with reduced grain and grittiness. This particular pack of filters are primed to bring out the best in portraits, night shots and architecture.

Check out some of the photos using the presets from this pack below, and purchase it here.

Image by Sisilia Piring / Agfa Ultra 100 Warm

Image by KangHee Kim / Agfa Portrait XPS 160

Image by Chris Schoonover / Fuji Sensia 100

Image by Jon Schoonover / Kodak Tri-X 320

Image by Kanghee Kim / Kodak Ektar 25 Warm

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Will Your Logo Pass This ‘Seven-Step Paul Rand Test’?

Image: JP Cunha

“While a dancer may ask herself, ‘I wonder what Michael Jackson would think of my dance moves?’ or a boxer may ask himself, ‘I wonder what Muhammad Ali would think of my right hook?’, a designer would ask, ‘What would Paul Rand think of my logo?’”

Renowned graphic designer Paul Rand was in charge of many corporate logos such as IBM, ABC and Steve Jobs’ NeXT.

He once said, “The principal role of a logo is to identify, and simplicity is its means… Its effectiveness depends on distinctiveness, visibility, adaptability, memorability, universality, and timelessness.”

Based on the above quote, writer and entrepreneur Dave Schools came up with a comprehensive article titled ‘The Seven-Step Paul Rand Logo Test’.

The checklist includes asking yourself if the logo you are creating is distinctive, visible, adaptable, memorable, universal, timeless and finally, simple.

Schools wrote that designers are to provide a score for each aspect to determine if your logo passes the test—“A score of 75 is perfect, and anything below a 60 is discardable.”

Check out the article in its entirety here.

You might also be interested in this feature from last year, where designer Aaron Draplin shows how to create a logo in 15 minutes.

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Watch: Are You Using The Bathroom Correctly?

Did you know that sitting in the bathroom might not be the best way to eliminate your waste?

According to the following video by Business Insider, research stated that the squatting position is optimal. It lets your body assume a natural position without additional pressure on the abdominals, facilitating a more efficient way to clear your bowels.

Watch it below:

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Five Key Principles For Visual Web Design

We previously featured UXPin content stategist Jerry Cao’s advice about the 10 essential traits of an outstanding web designer.

Sharing from his ebook titled Web UI Design for the Human Eye: Colors, Space, Contrast, he now provides us with five key guidelines for visual web design.

Visitors to your website are most likely to use many other different sites in a day. To help new users get used to how your website works, grouping elements closer suggests a similar function.This is seen in a typical Facebook post, where the functions for ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’ are all grouped close together.

Other tips include the use of white space or negative space as the best tool to influence where your user looks. The more white space around an element, the more it will attract attention. Clashing or complementary colors can also help the visual flow and help elements stand out on your website.

Head over here to continue reading.

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Infographic: How Not To Behave In 15 Countries

What should people absolutely not do in your country?

Business Insider has put together an infographic titled ‘How Not To Behave In 15 Countries’.

Based on information gathered from a Quora thread, find out what’s considered to be rude around the world.

Check out the infographic below.

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

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Amusing Short Of A Hamster Turning Into A ‘Giant Monster’, Destroys A City

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Following the last episode of a tiny hamster having a mini tiki party, Hello Denizen has created a new video, turning the hamster into a “ferocious monster”.

The hamster is transformed into a Godzilla-like monster after accidentally consuming ‘chemicals’—it is then seen destroying a city, and chomping on anything that stands in its way.

Click play on the video to watch the entertaining short.

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Uber’s Brand Guide, An Inside Look At Its Design & Branding Identity

Transport service Uber has released its brand guide online.

Providing an elaborate look at its logotype, design system and typography, as well as a work-in-progress video section, the guide gives users a fascinating glimpse at Uber’s brand identity.

Check it out here.

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A Box With A Roomful Of Furniture, Can Be Easily Set Up Without Tools

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Design firm Our Paper Life is offering a cheaper alternative to expensive furniture, in the form of a furniture box called ‘Room in a Box’.

Room in a Box is made out of rugged cardboard and contains an entire suite of furniture for your room—a chair, a folding desk, a wastebasket and 12 cardboard cubes that you can use to make shelves, dressers or a platform for your mattress.

According to the team, the contents of the box can be set up in 10 minutes, with no need for glue, tools or tape. The box comes with wheels, making it easier to move, and the materials are 100% recyclable and water-resistant. Although cardboard is not glamorous, it is definitely a cheaper and functional alternative for $149.

Watch the video below to see how the Room in a Box is assembled. Visit their Indiegogo page for more information.

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