10 Stunning Images You Can Use For Free On Your Blog

Image: strayfoto

So you’ve just gotten your website or blog up and running, and you need to fill it with beautiful pictures, but have no idea how to go about doing so?

Why not consider using IMGembed, an online platform that lets you ethically use a wide variety of images on your website? Through IMGembed, you can use images to make your blog posts visually appealing and engaging to visitors.

In this weekly feature, we highlight 10 stunning images that have been uploaded to IMGembed from creators around the world.

Whether you’re a blogger or a website owner, these amazing images are yours to use, absolutely free of charge. You can also opt to use the unattributed editions under affordable CPM rates.

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Image: Miguel Mena

Image: Aaron Bryant

Image: Chris Clark

Image: Thomas Thompson

Image: Christopher Donohue

Image: Alberto Favret

Image: Christian Guthier

Image: Rafał Nitychoruk

Image: Matti Ollikainen

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Nendo’s Whimsical Door Designs Make Entering And Leaving A Room Fun

‘Seven Doors’

We previously featured the beautiful geometric chocolates designed by Nendo.

The Japanese design studio has recently created a collection of seven whimsical doors for the 70th anniversary of Abe Kogyo, a legendary manufacturer of wooden doors. The ‘Seven Doors’ collection feature surreal doors, with one that is tessellated to look like wooden lattices, and another that is built right into a corner.

Although the collection is not for sale, Abe Kogyo’s engineers are inspired and have already begun looking into adapting some of Nendo’s ideas for their new products.

Scroll down to have a look at the surreal doorways. You can also visit their website for more details.

‘Hang’, a door fitted with an internal magnetic sheet, allowing you to attach accessories like trays, dust bins, flower pots, vases or refrigerator magnets.

‘Baby’, inspired by the question: “What if babies had their own door to enter a house?”

‘Kumiko’, named after the Japanese technique of assembling wooden lattices without nails, this tessellated door is gradually assembled from the lower-right corner upwards into a smooth, uninterrupted surface.

‘Lamp’, a door and a lighting fixture in one. The lamp is powered using the same wiring techniques used in electronic locks.

‘Slide’, this door contains various panels which can be slid out of the way, like a window blind, to identify who’s ringing your bell or to let some light or breeze through.

‘Corner’, a door that allows the user to enter and exit through corners of a room. The door opens particularly wide and can practically allow for easier wheelchair access.

‘Wall’, a door covered with shelves and picture frames, becoming an extension of a household wall.

[via Fast Company, images via Nendo by Akihiro Yoshida]

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This Ad For David Lynch Coffee Reflects The Director’s Odd, Eccentric Style

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Andrew Parkhurst has managed to channel David Lynch’s eccentricity in this new one-minute spot for the latter’s coffee brand.

The film stars an artificially intelligent robot drinking the David Lynch Signature Cup coffee in an experiment. Unfortunately for the android, the results are not in her favor.

Check out the quirky clip below.

[via Adweek, video via Andrew Parkhurst]

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More Funny Images Of A Fat Cat Photobombing Famous Paintings, Movie Scenes

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“Irresistible Temptation”

Since we last featured the work of Russian artist, Svetlana Petrova, more than three years ago, she has created more images of her cat, Zarathustra, photobombing art.

Petrova has now included more categories on her website to accommodate the various ways in which Zarathustra photobombs.

Ranging from ‘Meowvies’ to ‘Still Life’, her fat cat has reenacted iconic film scenes, such as Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of I Wanna Be Loved By You, and invaded famous artworks like Adriaen Van Utrecht’s Banquet Still Life from 1644.

Check out more of these funny images of a fat cat photobombing famous artworks here.

“And Where Is Russian Salad?”

“Cat Kong”

“Wine Vs Catnip”

“Pygmalion the Cat and Galatea”

“Sappho and the Fat Cat”

[via FatCatArt]

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Colorful Neon Typographic Quotes Celebrate New York And London Fashion Weeks

To celebrate Fashion Week in New York City and London, New York-based designer Luke Choice created a series of bright typographic quotes for website Refinery 29.

Using bright, neon colors against pastel backgrounds, Choice quotes various well-known personalities including American fashion designer Wes Gordon, English model Cara Delevingne and French designer Sonia Rykiel among others.

Scroll down or visit his website to view the entire series.

[via Luke Choice]

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Beautiful, Inspiring Portraits Of Brave Ladies Battling An Incurable Disease

Midway through his work on the book Just Breathe–a photo series on adults suffering from cystic fibrosis–Ontario-based fashion photographer Ian Pettigrew realized that there was a disproportionate number of women patients being featured in his work.

According to Pettigrew, an individual’s comment on how the “project [was] just turning out to be a bunch of hot chicks with CF” finally pushed him to start a series dedicated solely to female cystic fibrosis patients.

There is no known cure for this genetic disease which damages the lungs.

Inspiration for the series title, ‘Salty Girls: The Women of Cystic Fibrosis’, came from one of the common symptoms of the disease–salty skin.

The project focuses on the message of feeling beautiful in one’s own skin. He told the Huffington Post, “A lot of this is back to the issue of body shaming. Women with no scars have it bad enough in this digital age, now grow up with massive scars across your belly, and scars from your double lung transplant…[s]eeing how positive they can remain, when dealing with this horrible disease is inspiring”.

Several images of the ladies can be viewed below. Visit Pettigrew’s website to learn more about this genetic disease and the people who battle against it daily.

[via BuzzFeed, images via Ian Pettigrew]

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Handy Flash Lets You Take High Quality Smartphone Photos In Low Light Conditions

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You can now take beautiful pictures with your smartphones, even in the dark, with the ‘iBlazr’, a compact device that delivers optimal flash in low light conditions.

Packed with four LED lights, the iBlazr lets you control the level of brightness through an app, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Simply plug the iBlazr into the headphone jack of your smartphone, and snap a photo to release the flash that is synced to the camera shutter of your phone—you can also attach it to your tablet, DSLR camera, or use it as a keyboard lamp.

Head over here to purchase the iBlazr.

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Cheeky Ads For Cycling Feature Characters Chasing After Things They Desire

After giving us these clever anatomical ads to promote cycling in Buenos Aires, Argentine agency The Community (formerly La Comunidad) is back with a new set of cheeky posters to encourage people to get moving on their bikes.

Created for the Buenos Aires Public Bike System’s latest campaign to promote its new 24/7 automatic bicycle system, the ads feature a dog, moths, a baby and a squirrel chasing after things they desire.

Have a look at the humorous ads below.

[via Little Black Book]

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Infographic: The Best Jobs According To Zodiac Signs

Online psychic reading service Crystal Heart Psychics has come up with an infographic that breaks down the personality and professional traits and the best jobs for the various zodiac signs.

Titled ‘Written In The Stars—Choosing A Career Based On Your Zodiac Sign’, the infographic is in no way definitive, but makes for a fun read.

Scroll down to find out more.

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

[via Visual.ly, images via Crystal Heart Psychics]

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Designer Redesigns Comic Sans, Tries To Make It ‘Beautiful’

Can Comic Sans, the world’s most reviled typeface, be made beautiful?

Designer Bård Edlund explains how he takes on the typeface, and sets out on a quest to “make beauty out of garbage”.

Edlund has created a total of four variations—starting with the first experiment by chopping off offensive parts of the letter forms, and giving them a metallic, futuristic makeover.

He then went on to create a 3-D geometric sculptural version, and another that folds the letters in half to create new shapes.

For his final experiment, he rotated copies of each letter around an anchor point of 40 degrees, eight times each, to create a circular symbol.

What do you think of these new versions of Comic Sans?

You can read the full article about it here.

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