Kanye West Gives Graduates An Inspiring Speech About The Real World And Haters

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Celebrity singer and fashion designer Kanye West recently gave a compelling speech for the graduating seniors at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, where he taught a fashion course last September.

Kanye’s honest speech included his experiences transitioning from a successful musician into a designer, encouraging them that “when you’re the absolute best you get hated on the most”.

He also reminded them to never give up on their dreams, and pursue their passion no matter what people may say.

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Unsettling Drink Driving Campaign Creates Glasses From Windows Of Crashed Cars

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AXA Insurance’s road safety campaign, titled ‘Glasses of Consciousness’, involves the creation of drinking glasses from the windows of damaged cars.

Drivers under the influence of alcohol had operated these vehicles, resulting in fatal car accidents.

The company hopes that through this campaign, the public will become more aware of the dangers involved with drink driving and avoid doing so at all costs.

Watch the video below.

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This ‘Cat Library’ Lets Workers Borrow A Kitten During Work

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When government employee Tiffany Tillison posted a photo of her office’s cat “library” on Reddit, the internet exploded.

Tillison explained that the idea was from the head of public relations, who thought of bringing cats from a local animal shelter for employees to play with and to keep them company at their desks throughout the day. The Animal Care Center of Mesilla Valley brings the cats over, many of which have been abused and abandoned.

The cat library is formally known as the ‘Kitty Kondo’ and there are five cats available at a time for employees to play with. Tillison also added that the program has raised awareness about cats who need homes and many cats have been adopted through it.

Watch the short video about the ‘Kitty Kondo’ below.

A photo posted by Dona Ana County (@donaanacounty) on May 15, 2015 at 10:38am PDT

A photo posted by Dona Ana County (@donaanacounty) on Apr 13, 2015 at 12:16pm PDT

A photo posted by Dona Ana County (@donaanacounty) on Mar 31, 2015 at 11:51am PDT

A photo posted by Dona Ana County (@donaanacounty) on Jun 1, 2015 at 11:34am PDT

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Infographic: 16 Hippest Office Addresses From Around The World

Australia-based company Pack & Send has put together an infographic detailing 16 coolest places to work at from around the world.

Titled ‘The World’s Hippest Office Addresses’, the infographic provides fascinating nuggets of information of the locations that you can expect to find some of the major brands.

Scroll down to find out more.

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LOL: What Parents Say VS What They Really Mean

Distractify has hilariously compiled a list that compares ‘what parents say VS what they really mean’.

It reveals the real thoughts parents have when their babies start to show their personality or when they transit from soft to solid food.

Parents have you ever secretly had such thoughts about your kids?

Head over here to see the full list.

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Visit This ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Tribute Website For A Trip Down Memory Lane

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘Super Mario Bros.’, Nintendo has put together a brilliant commemorative website.

With video clips of 16 select Super Mario games, the website is truly a trip down memory lane. The website also includes a special short clip that combines all versions of the iconic character.

Head over here to view the website.

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Photographer Charts Growth Of Baby Bunnies Over 30 Days In Adorable Photos

Artist arefin03, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, recorded the growth of these baby rabbits–born to his pet bunny Tooni–over 30 days to produce these lovable pictures.

Since the photographer had been with the youngsters since birth, these fluffy photo subjects felt at ease in his presence, making it a piece of cake to snap such endearing moments.

Enjoy the images below.

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Brilliant Blog Filled With Mesmerizing Calligraphy GIFs You Can Look At All Day

Tumblr blog ‘In A Brush’ is filled with mesmerizing calligraphy GIFs and beautifully hand-lettered works.

The blog showcases the fluid brushwork of various artists, from roundhand lettering by Glen Weisberger, to messages written with different brushes, pens, and even with a lipstick.

Head over here to see the full gallery.






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20 ‘Best & Worst’ Fonts To Use On Your Résumé

Image: Tom Beck

As a job application is filled mainly with text, it’s important to let your résumé stand out from the sea of similar looking wordings and leave a positive impression on your potential employer.

Design resource Canva has come up with a list of ‘20 Best And Worst Fonts To Use On Your Résumé’.

Unsurprisingly, designer’s pet font—Helvetica—made the list as one of the best fonts that you can use on your job application. The Swiss sans-serif typeface is a hot favorite for its clean lines and clarity, conveying professionalism in an instant.

Many typefaces from the ClearType Font Collection, such as Cambria, Calibri and Constantia, are also recommended as they were designed for good on-screen and printed performance.

On the other hand, Arial and Times New Roman fall under the ‘Worst Fonts’ category as they are overused and abused.

The usual suspects like Comic Sans, Papyrus and Impact also belong to the group of fonts that you should avoid using in a résumé. These typefaces are inappropriate for formal and professional applications, and are not easy on the eye.

Check out which other fonts made the list over here.

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Chilling ‘Child For Sale’ Infomercial Touts Youngsters As Merchandise

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On Children’s Day, China’s Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF) launched its campaign against child trafficking.

The infomercial titled ‘Child For Sale’, has children portrayed as products and was created by BBH China.

The masked trafficker pushes for sales of his ‘wares’ by taking on the persona of a heartless salesman, highlighting the benefits and bargain prices of each child.

Deng Fei, pioneer of Sina Weibo’s anti-trafficking action and founder of the Children’s Fund at CSAF, said on LBBOnline, “Child trafficking is still a serious problem in China–demand is the primary root of the problem. Our aim is to eliminate a ‘buyers market’. BBH China’s work is a refreshing perspective on the issue and we hope it will trigger the attention we need to raise awareness in the community via the internet–a most powerful tool that can empower the public and police to keep our children safe.”

Watch the chilling video below.

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