These Panties Are Designed To Change The World, Empower Girls Everywhere

We have previously featured these innovative period-proof underwear—now, there is another version of these panties that not only makes you feel better during that time of the month, but also allows you to help girls from around the world.

The team at Be Girl has created the EmpowerPanty, a product that is designed to “change the world”—in their words, they want to “empower girls to manage their bodies with dignity and choice every day of the month so they can go to school and participate in life”.

To help a girl who does not have access to sanitary options during their periods and are forced to stay home from school during this time, all you have to do is purchase an EmpowerPanty—for every one bought, one is given to a girl in need.

The EmpowerPanty is available in two versions—the Everyday EmpowerPanty and the Period EmpowerPanty. They also come in a range of bright and neutral colours to suit your lifestyle.

Head over to its Kickstarter campaign to find out more about the EmpowerPanty and its cause.

[via Kickstarter]

from TAXI Daily News