Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast To Maximize Their Day

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Lauren Vanderkam, time management expert and author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, has shared tips on how successful people start their day.

Wake up early

Time is precious, and successful people maximize their mornings by waking up early to read, exercise and do other activities before they get in to the office. Famous early risers include Disney CEO Bob Iger, who wakes up at 4am to read, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who gets up at 5.30am for a jog.

Drink water

Downing a glass of water in the morning has been proven to improve productivity by making you more alert, rehydrating your body and kickstarting your metabolism. The next time you wake up, reach for water instead of your usual coffee.

Work on passion projects

Making time in the morning to work on personal projects when your mind is fresh beats working on them at the end of the day when you’re tired. Make it a habit to write your novel or create art before you start work.

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