Warhol, Lichtenstein-Style Pop Art Makeovers For Oscar’s Best Picture Nominees

The Oscars might be over, but you can still enjoy these creative posters made to celebrate this year’s Best Picture nominees.

In a challenge by Shutterstock, designers drew their inspiration from art icons like Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring, and applied similar aesthetics to images available through Shutterstock, created refreshing pop art movie posters.

Head over here to view the full series and read about the inspiration behind each poster.

Mad Max: Fury Road, poster by Jordan Roland, inspired by Andy Warhol

The Martian, poster by Brandon Lee, inspired by Mario Corea Aiello

Brooklym, poster by Alice Meichi Li, inspired by the general pop, hipster movement

The Revenant, poster by Cristin Burton, inspired by Flirst

Spotlight, poster by Michael Wong, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein

[via Visual News, Shutterstock]

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