Watch: Wild ‘Sandlerverse’ Theory Shows How Every Adam Sandler Movie Is Related

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We have seen several theories of how Disney films and Pixar films share the same universe, but here is an entirely different one altogether.

Los Angeles-based actor/comedian Shawn Kohne has put together a wild, but well-thought-out theory of how Adam Sandler’s movies are connected in a single ‘Sandlerverse’.

There are a multitude of cross references and parallels between the movies—for example, the “10-second Tom” of 50 First Dates is a reference to Blended, while Dan Patrick plays the same cop in The Longest Yard and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Apart from movies, Kohne’s detailed analysis also covers Sandler’s songs and appearances on TV. Nevertheless, Sandler’s co-writer and collaborator Tim Herlihy has commented that he had “missed about 50”—possibly referring to cross-references that Kohne’s ‘Sandlerverse’ did not cover.

Click play below for Kohne’s detailed analysis.

[via UPROXX, Shawn Kohne, images via video screenshot]

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