‘World’s First’ Incubator & Biodegradable Urn Turns Ashes To Trees Effortlessly

We previously featured a biodegradable urn that turns ashes into a tree.

Bios now introduces the ‘Bios Incube’, the world’s first system designed to help grow the remains of your loved ones close to you. Apart from the Bio Urn, the ‘Bios Incube’ also includes an incubator that facilitates growth, enabling your to track and monitor plant growth. It also brings all the information seamlessly together in a mobile application, combining the insights of tree growth with data from its environment.

Since the ‘Bios Incube’ is made to work by itself, setting it up is really simple. You simply plant the Bios Urn inside the ‘Bios Incube’. Then you place the sensor on the surface of the soil, just above the Bios Urn. This will help track and water your tree using the water tank inside the ‘Bios Incube’. Users can then sync it to the mobile app, granting you the ability to track your tree and stay up-to-date on environmental conditions.

Watch the video below or visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information.

[via Bios Incube, Bios Urn]

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